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For their 2018-19 Autumn-Winter collection, Parisian label ETUDES is heavy on the "UNDERGROUND" theme. Decoding the collection, from an interview with the designers: "There is first and foremost the idea of foundations, of ruins, of underground things, from which real influences emerge. In this, we have referenced many visuals around Greek civilization". This reference is translated into a knit which plays with Greek geometric and ceramic motifs. Then the notion of an urban construction and exploration, the city as a playground. The famous, ultra-evocative Caterpillar logo appears on sweaters.

Along the same theme, a collaboration with The New York Times is evident with the historically-recognized logo at once representing the past and the everyday. [Through this collaboration, the creators have stated that they do not wish to convey "a political message, but to be clear about freedom of expression "].

For colors, the iconic electric blue of the brand is mixed with earth tones like khaki and grey, and the orange of burnt earth or urban street signs.

Result: a collection between streetwear and tailoring.

Études Studio is a ready-to-wear brand and also a collective formed by French designers Jérémie Egry and Aurélien Arbet. Based between New York and Paris, this tribe of artists are working on a wardrobe for men, which they call "postmodern", between the omnipresence of sportswear and a certain neo-cool classicism.

In 2000, the two Frenchmen launched a first fashion brand "Hixsept", then in 2007 a publishing house called "Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes". In 2012, with the stylist José Lamali and the publisher Nicolas Poillot, they combined their different projects under the name Études Studio.

With this label that combines fashion, publishing and consulting, they claim a global vision, an artistic approach dedicated to research and experimentation, and a way to express themselves without limits of support.


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