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Attachment is a Japanese brand created by Kazuyuki Kumagai. The Attachment style is a mix of sportswear and casualwear for an informal look: perfect tailoring, creative cuts and textured materials. The colors are discreet and natural, composed like a palette of attenuated hues. The sobriety of its tones is reminiscent of Japanese minimalism. Altogether, it comprises an essential wardrobe of simple and minimal elegance. Kazuyuki Kumagai works closely with his manufacturers and this ensures the quality of each piece produced.

28 Item(s)

  1. Leopard Woolen Coat

    Leopard Woolen Coat


  2. Padded Hooded Jacket

    Padded Hooded Jacket


  3. Hooded Woolen Coat - Black

    Hooded Woolen Coat - Black


  4. Hooded Woolen Coat - Taupe

    Hooded Woolen Coat - Taupe


  5. Camo Pattern Bomber Jacket With Leather Sleeves
  6. Blue Bomber Jacket

    Blue Bomber Jacket


  7. Wool And Cashmere Woolen Jacket - Leopard
  8. Woolen Blazer Jacket

    Woolen Blazer Jacket


  9. Wool And Cashmere Woolen Jacket - Camo
  10. White And Red Check Shirt

    White And Red Check Shirt