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Ziggy Chen

Ziggy Chen is a men's clothing brand inspired by the conflict of opposites: the rural and the urban, the old and the new, from the East and West, from the ancestral to the contemporary. Its flagship pieces are robust work clothes and sumptuous cashmere knits, bred in materials such as wool, hemp and crumpled linen. Focusing on the avant-garde, Ziggy Chen's clothes are for the enlightened man.

5 Item(s)

  1. Brown Linen Jacket

    Brown Linen Jacket

    Ziggy Chen

  2. Bi Material Graphical Shirt

    Bi Material Graphical Shirt

    Ziggy Chen

  3. Shirt With Large Chest Pocket
  4. Short Baggy Woolen Pants

    Short Baggy Woolen Pants

    Ziggy Chen

  5. Printed Shoulder Bag

    Printed Shoulder Bag

    Ziggy Chen