Launched in September 2016, the fragrance "11" by the designer Boris Bidjan Saberi is born from a collaboration with the noise Geza Schoen, creator of the famous niche perfumes Escentric Molecules.

That is not surprising to learn that "11" is inspired by the "daily work routine" of Boris: 11 ingredients (his iconic number) including 22% essences, and some notes of vegetable tanned horse leather that invade his space of work, his atelier of creation.

First, the perfume is soft and fresh, almost feminine, then that initial impression slowly dissipates into something more industrial with hints of wax and glue.

Available at serie ||| NOIRE in store and online.

This month the Barcelona-based designer Boris Bidjan Saberi launched his first fragrance. Saberi is best knows for his intricately constructed leather jackets, and it was no surprise to learn that the fragrance is inspired by the smell of vegetable tanned leather. Saberi also wanted the fragrance to reflect the sensory imprint of his daily work routine, the scents of raw materials that surround him in his atelier that at the end of the day mix with the odors unique to his body. This is how Saberi thinks of his work; each product he produces inevitably contains a part of himself as a designer and artisan.

 Redaction : serie ||| NOIRE

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