Jonny Johansson celebrates individuality in his ACNE STUDIOS Women’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection.

Backstage, he explains his approach to Fashion Network : “I wanted to play with a vision that is removed from fashion because I think it suits Acne Studios. I think that we have our own style in the fashion world. I wanted to use that to create something very individual, separate pieces being the expression of individuality.”



When the translucent plastic curtains, the show opened with a model in a sea-green pantsuit. For the designer, “Colors have to be very optimistic, very positive, not too busy and a little urban.” The main palette is made of almost-there pale tones like pale yellow, orange and lavender blue. The most key colors on the pieces with sleeves.



We find a play on materials in silk and velvet mixes, lacework and knit. Delicate chains are embroidered vertically on collars and hems to create movement. Also, mixed prints on suit jackets, waistcoats, pants and a safari theme with python and other scale prints.



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