Fashion Business People Meeting during Paris Fashion Week

Let's share on our blog the interview of Emmanuelle Axer (Co-founder of Série Noire and buyer of the Womenswear collections) for the TRANOI (International Fashion Trade show, where Fashion buyers meet Designers from around the world).

Tranoi: Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Emmanuelle: Série Noire is a multi-brand concept store for men, women and lifestyle which was born in 1982 at Lille in the north of France. We are lucky to be located geographically at the ‘center’ of Europe, and on the border of the great fashion lovers of Belgium.

What is your philosophy / what are your inspirations?

Our philosophy comes from our passion for fashion and the need to pass it on to our customers, to live an emotion as we feel it. Our inspirations often come from the designers themselves and their collections, we keep an open mind as we understand the care and attention they put into their creations, the cuts of clothing, the combination of new treatments and craftsmanship, materials, consistency and poetry…

Are you interested in a market of emerging creators in particular? South America ? The Philippines ? Spain?

We are interested in all emerging markets, as we mentioned above, it depends on the designer, and a collection can seduce us no matter which market it comes from. We have been distributing emerging Japanese, Chinese and Spanish designers for many seasons.

What do you think of the future of ‘intelligent clothing’?

For the moment digital and tech is developing enormously in the fields such as aerospace, military, health, sport ... everywhere it can be useful. As far as fashion is concerned, it will be necessary that intelligent clothing technology find a way to seduce brands. But it will not take long...

And what about See-now Buy-now?

The See-now Buy-now for the moment can only be executed by large structures with solid financial backings to ensure a pre-production. Very difficult or even impossible risk to take for young brands. We want everything to be fast all the time, but isn’t the desire and wait for clothes, a pair of shoes, or the latest It Bag a part of the magic of fashion too?

How do you see the future of retail following the growth of e-commerce?

It’s clear that the growth of e-commerce is disrupting the retail model. With the internet, customers are well-informed and everyone is an expert in their choices. Purchasing behaviors change and the concept of service is paramount both in a physical location and on an e-commerce website. But for the physical store, the experience and interactions with a human being is also fundamental; having a good time in a store, we know you, we welcome you, we take care of you, we take the time to advise you and listen... Human touch remains a supreme value (and fortunately that's who we are!)


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Thank to them for talking about us on their website! It is always a pleasure to exchange on fashion trends with professionals of the market like the Tranoi team.

Credits: - Victor Malecot