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The FALL-WINTER 2017 collection has arrived! Discover our new 'Luxe and Designer' menswear selection our our website.

serie ||| NOIRE was established in 1982 from Olivier AXER’s desire to share his passion for men’s fashion with his sophisticated customers.

For the last 30 years, we have been selecting French and international designers who are leaders in their fields with complete ready-to-wear collections

500 Item(s)

  1. Oversized parka with hood

    Oversized parka with hood

    Ann Demeulemeester

    Special Price €528.00

    Regular Price: €880.00

  2. Faded And Mottled Linen Blazer Jacket
  3. Hooded Zipped Cashmere Sweater
  4. Multicolored Striped Cotton Sweater
  5. Linen Tee Shirt With A Chest Pocket
  6. Green Linen Blazer Jacket With Patchwork Effect
  7. Khaki Hemp Coat

    Khaki Hemp Coat

    Avant Toi

  8. Painted Effect Tee Shirt

    Painted Effect Tee Shirt

    Avant Toi

  9. Jogger Pants With Satin Bands - Black
  10. Faded Linen Tee Shirt

    Faded Linen Tee Shirt

    Avant Toi