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The Série Noire man chooses masculine and elegant jewelry. Our Jewelry designers are: Werkstatt MunchenTobias WistisenParts of FourScunzani IvoRosa Maria and Goti. Find your ring, bracelet, cuff, in metal, silver or leather. 

Picture: Tobias Wistisen's jewelry at Tranoi Paris trade show by Stylezeitgeist

39 Item(s)

  1. Four Rings Set

    Four Rings Set


  2. Double Ring

    Double Ring


  3. Semi-jonc bracelet

    Semi-jonc bracelet

    Parts Of Four

  4. Chain ring in silver

    Chain ring in silver

    Ugo Cacciatori

  5. Brown leather bracelet

    Brown leather bracelet

    Maison Margiela

  6. Jonc bracelet in silver and brown rope
  7. Silver Signet Ring

    Silver Signet Ring


  8. Ring in hammered silver

    Ring in hammered silver

    Tobias Wistisen

  9. Rosa Maria 'emica' Ring

    Rosa Maria 'emica' Ring

    Rosa Maria

  10.  Silver signet ring set with black hypersthene