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Discover our selection of shoes for Men and face Autumn in superb quality style. Choose from our casual or dressy pieces, vary styles and outfits with timeless Premiata pieces (for almost eighteen years, our Italian brand of choice). Boots, booties, lace-up shoes, sandals, derbies, oxford, chelsea, all our shoes form Men are in leather and made in Italy.

26 Item(s)

  1. Khaki leather boots

    Khaki leather boots


  2. Hiking brown leather shoes
  3. Laced Leather Boots

    Laced Leather Boots

    M.A +

  4. Hiking anthracite suede shoes
  5. Black leather high heel boots
  6. Patinated Brown Leather Boots
  7. Brown leather boots

    Brown leather boots


  8. Black leather boots

    Black leather boots


  9. PREMIATA Frosted Leather Chelsea Boots - Black
  10. Black leather derbies

    Black leather derbies