How do you make your dressing a real work of art?  

Style advice from serie ||| NOIRE lets you create your own look with designer pieces.

From the very beginning, serie ||| NOIRE has always picked designers and

collections with the aim of making each piece a component of a style that reflects a personality.

Seeing fashion as an art and a free medium of expression, we have always believed that each piece chosen for our clients becomes an unique part of its wearer.

Our designers take inspiration from their imagination rather than on ephemeral trends. We select them because their creations represent a form of desire; they are the embodiment of a certain point in time, and can become part of the life story of our clients. The basis of our designers' thinking is the will to reappropriate codes, as well as unique approaches toward volumes and proportions.

Our designers have mastered cuts and materials, and our clients have mastered the spontaneity of style. They have the ability to strike a balance between basic designer pieces like a Rick Owens men's hoodie or a cropped pant and the key pieces of a season like the Sonia Rykiel Summer 2016 pre-collection "Rainbow" jacket. With such bold choices of iconic pieces, our clients thus create their own authentic style, and showcase their true individuality.

Beyond style, quality and comfort is paramount. Price, for those who accept it, is completely justified in the use materials and the search for uniqueness.

The ethos of serie ||| NOIRE and of our clients is akin to those of an artist: we draw parallels between different artistic realms and apply them to the construction of clothes.  Each choice becomes the expression of a
personal universe and our own vision of the world.


boris-bidjan-saberi-street-style-le 21eme

Le 21eme - Boris Bidjan Saberi - Paris 2015


Le 21eme - Ann Demeulemeester- New York 2015


Le 21eme - Street Style - Paris 2015