Rick Owens’ ‘Walrus’ Men collection

The soundtrack to the poetic and emotional Rick Owens show was Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’

The lyrics of the song refer to the idea of environmental destruction:

"I'm thinking a lot about that a lot, thinking about the challenges that the world is facing, and how people deal with changes,”

explained Rick, backstage.

The man of summer 2017 is a ‘Walrus’, or a Morse in French: a largeness expressed as a figure wrapped and protected in an excess of draped fabrics, cottons, silks and taffetas.

The XXL pants are super long, with Japanese-style panels that trail on the ground and conceal the shoes. The sleeves are dropped and the ultra-mini leather jackets cropped and wasp-waisted.

png serie-noire-rick-collection-ss17



Pictures : Dazed & Confused - Vogue - Remy Artiges