PFW, CELINE SS17 collection

The next CELINE summer collection blends the feminine and masculine for a modern take on femininity.

From the start of the show, broad shouldered suit jackets announce truly oversized yet geometric silhouettes.

celine SS17 serie noire

Pants are mid-calf, in a lightweight fabric, a floating scarf covering the ankles.

celine SS17 serie noire 4

Dresses are white, with blue Klein prints of the female body, sensually cut, bustlines are black-on-white knit for a corseted or fringed, décolleté effect.

celine SS17 serie noire 3

There is a bold blend of colors, shoes are mismatched, and sandals are worn over tights.

celine SS17 serie noire 2

We love the sophisticated version of the Giant Tote bag!

celine SS17 planche it bag

Phoebe Philo collaborated with the American artist Dan Graham to create a mirrored stage, so that each invitee could see the clothes from all angles, and ‘on themselves' at the same time.

Writting : serie ||| NOIRE

Pictures: Vogue runway

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