PFW, Rick Owens SS17 collection

At the Rick Owens Spring/Summer ’17 Show…

We saw a whirlwind of drapes on the runway…

Models were swathed in artisanal fabrics – cottons, linen tulles and Buckram.

Dress shoulders were covered with sometimes-asymmetrical short shawls, the skirts (longer in front) paired with round jackets for a rounded, high-tech silhouette.

Tunics, dresses and skirt volumes were airy. The wispy movement of veils, feathers and furs, in shades of mauve, dusky pink and luminous saffron made this collection as elegant as it was spectacular!

serie noire rick owens planche 1

serie noire rick owens planche 2

rick owens ss17 planche

rick owens ss17 serie noire backstages

rick owens serie noire final

Writting : serie ||| NOIRE

Images : Vogue Runway

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