Terms and conditions of use

Article 1 – Acceptance of General Conditions of Sale

These conditions govern the contractual relationship between SARL SERIE NOIRE and its customer, which both parties shall accept without reserve. These general conditions of sale shall override all other conditions contained in any other document.

The purchase of merchandise featured on the website www.serie-noire.fr signifies full and complete acceptance of these general conditions of sale. The company shall reserve the right to amend these conditions without prior notice. The customer shall acknowledge that they are aware of these general conditions of sale and declare acceptance of the same, without reserve, before confirming any purchase on www.serie-noire.fr.

Customers must have full legal capacity, be over 18 years of age or possess a legal authorization to place an order on our website.

Customers should make their purchases using a bank account containing sufficient funds.

Under Article 110-1 of the Code de Commerce (French Commercial Law), customers are prohibited by law from purchasing any goods from this website for the purpose of resale.

Série Noire reserves the right to amend these general conditions of sale at any time; with the stipulation that the conditions of sale applicable to the Customer shall be those that were valid during the date of the customer's purchase on the website.

Article 2 – Features and Availability of Merchandise

Each product on the website is highlighted and relevant details are provided, with accompanying photograph(s).

We strive to feature product photographs which as faithfully as possible represent the item we carry. However, in certain cases, we cannot guarantee its perfect replica in the delivered product. Some colors may look different due to studio lighting, variations in screen quality, filesave parameters of the colors and/or luminosity. Also, in some instances, the photographs are for illustration purposes only, where not all items featured in the photographs are necessarily for sale.

The products featured on the www.serie-noire.fr website are available in our store and are dispatched after we confirm an order. The products that are not available are marked as such and cannot therefore constitute part of any transaction.

Despite our greatest care, some items are sometimes not available even when featured as available, and if you have confirmed your order on such an item, www.serie-noire.fr will:

  • notify you, in writing, of the cancellation of the unavailable items
  • not validate the banking transaction

Article 3 - Price

The product prices as shown on www.serie-noire.fr are expressed in Euros, all VAT included, without shipping or subsequent customs charges which shall be calculated separately during the order process and which may vary according to the item weight and the shipping destination.

The applicable sales tax (VAT) is currently 20%. Any legal amendments to the tax rate will be reflected accordingly in the price of our products.

When ordering, the full price including VAT of goods is due for payment.

The prices shown may be amended at any time, without prior notice, by www.serie-noire.fr.

The price stated, in Euros, at the confirmation of the order shall be the final price invoiced to the customer.

Any difference in the price stated on the same item at any other time during the course of the order  cannot be reimbursed.

Série Noire reserves the right to amend any prices at any moment, however item prices indicated at the time of the customer's order shall be those applicable to that customer.

The price indicated also include processing charges for the order.

The sale price is payable upon ordering.

Orders will be subject to the modes of payment specified in Article 5 of these general conditions of sale.

If required, a VAT invoice is available on request via email from Série Noire.

Article 4 – Confirmation of Order

How to order on the www.serie-noire.com website:

  • Create an account, using the 'Log In' or 'Join Us' button: provide your identification and other required information such as an email address, a telephone number and a delivery address.
  • Choose a secret password, which must be provided for access to your account during subsequent visits to the website. Your username (which can be a pseudonym) and your password will protect your identity and ensure the confidentiality of your personal information.
  • The registration process will only take a few minutes. You can also provide a detailed delivery address, receive a confirmation and a summary of your order. The creation of an account can also be made prior to making the order.

The customer's access to his/her account on the website enables him/her to:

  • Select one or more articles
  • Fill a virtual shopping basket. The shopping basket contents are saved and are searchable and modifiable at any time during navigation on the website. If required, changes to quantity and sizes can also be made.

After adding an item to the basket, the customer may:

  • Continue shopping
  • Save the selection if they do not wish to order the items immediately
  • Delete the list of items or only choose one of the items to delete
  • Cancel their selection
  • Correct any input errors
  • Choose the delivery method
  • Choose and confirm the mode of payment
  • Confirm the order by clicking 'Order'

The order is closed after the final confirmation on the payment screen. However, www.serie-noire.fr reserves the right to cancel a customer's order if there are any outstanding payment disputes pertaining to earlier orders. Further, www.serie-noire.fr may delay or suspend the delivery of any new order in case of late payments on an earlier transaction. Série Noire also reserves the right to refuse any order which may be deemed unusual, in particular with regard to quantities ordered.

To conclude the sale, an order confirmation email detailing the items purchased will be sent to the customer at the email address provided at the time of the creation of the customer's account. If you do not receive such an email, please inform our customer service, at:  contact@serie-noire.fr.

It is the customer's sole responsibility to provide the correct information.

The details provided and the saved confirmation shall constitute proof of the transaction.

Série Noire archives all orders and order confirmations in a reliable and secure system, and these shall be considered true copies in accordance with the requirements of Article 1348 of the Code Civil (French Civil Law). The information retained by Série Noire or its subcontractors shall be considered by all parties to be proof of any communications, orders, payments and all other transactions between the parties.

Bank transactions on payments made via the website are secured and Série Noire will never retain the customer's banking information in any form.

It is the customer's responsibility to retain the order number provided by Série Noire and this should be provided especially for any subsequent claims.

It is also the customer's responsibility to take all necessary steps to retain copies all transactions with www.serie-noire.fr, particularly in the event of any loss of information by Série Noire.

The information provided by the customer during an order should be free of any errors or omissions, in particular with regard to the delivery address and telephone number (required by the delivery company).

The seller assumes no responsibility for the non-delivery of any goods ordered due to any errors in the information provided by the customer.

Article 5 – Accepted Modes of Payment

All payments must be made in Euros ( € ).

We accept PAYPAL payment on our PAYPAL account olivieraxer28@gmail.com.

Payment via a secured credit card transaction is recommended.

In order to guarantee maximum protection of your credit card information, you will be directed to the bank server at CYBERMUT-CIC BANQUES during the payment transaction process on the www.serie-noire.fr website. All transactions are encrypted using a secure code and cannot be hijacked. For the same reasons www.serie-noire.fr will never have access to your credit card information, which is not retained by our own server.

Before approving any transaction, CIC BANQUES will verify several elements:

  • The validity of the credit card
  • The credit standing of the card owner
  • That the credit card is not a counterfeit one

Payments will not be approved until the CIC BANQUES payment centre has given approval.

If a payment is declined, the order is automatically cancelled and the customer will be informed via email.

Payments via American Express cards are not accepted.

Article 6 – Non-availability of Items

If an item ordered is not in stock, Série Noire will inform the customer of this via email.

In this case, the customer shall have, within 72 hours of receipt of the email, the choice of maintaining or cancelling the order. In the absence of any response from the customer, the order shall be deemed as pending.

If the customer cancels the order in this instance, the purchase price will be reimbursed.

Article 7 – Deliveries

Deliveries outside the Europe are made by DHL to the address provided by the customer (PO boxes and poste restante (general delivery) addresses are not acceptable as delivery addresses, and in such instances www.serie-noire.fr shall reserve the right to cancel any orders). Deliveries in Europe are made by Colissimo.

Deliveries can only be made to one address per order. If more than one delivery address is required, the customer must make separate orders for each delivery address, and applicable shipping charges will be calculated accordingly.

The defacto purchaser shall be deemed as the person whose name and address is specified on the invoice.

The shipping costs of goods ordered is calculated according to the volumetric weight of the package to be delivered. This will be indicated during confirmation of the order.

Deliveries will be made to the address provided by the customer during ordering.

Delivery timeframes


For orders in Europe, deliveries will be made within 24-48 hours (depends on the city).

For orders outside Europe, deliveries will be made within 72 hours. Any delays at Customs may result in an extension of this period.

In any event, delivery of goods will not exceed 30 days.

Série Noire will inform the customer via email when their order has been dispatched. In case of any breach of this obligation on the part of Série Noire, the customer may terminate the contract by means of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt required or by other reliable written means, if, after having requested in the same manner that Série Noire effects the delivery of the order within a reasonable additional time, and this is not done within this time.

The contract shall be considered resolved upon Série Noire's receipt of this letter or written message informing it of this decision unless Série Noire has already effected its obligation in the meantime.

Nevertheless, the customer may rescind the contract with immediate effect if the deadline ws, for the customer, an essential condition of the contract. This essential condition may form the circumstances of the contract or be expressly requested by the customer before the contract is made.

The reimbursement will be guaranteed by Série Noire, to the same credit card account, within a maximum of fourteen business days following the revocation of the contract.

Shipment Tracking

You can track your shipment at  www.dhl.fr/fr/dhl_express/suivi_expedition.html

using the tracking number provided to your account during the order confirmation process.  Or via http://www.laposte.fr/particulier/outils/suivre-vos-envois?colissimo=true.

Non-delivery of Goods

www.serie-noire.fr shall not be held responsible for any obligation to deliver in any event of force majeure or chance (fire, theft of work equipment, inclement weather, stock shortages that cannot be replenished by the manufacturers, accidents, internal or external breakdowns, loss of information, postal, transport, communication or fuel supplier strikes, etc).

Transport Risks

The receiver should check the general condition of the package on its arrival. Where possible, this should be done in the presence of the delivery company representative. If it is noticed that, during the course of transport there is any damage or items missing, the customer should:

  • Make a note, on the delivery slip, of any suspected damage or missing items, and sign the slip.
  • If necessary, refuse delivery of the package and note the reasons for any refusal on the delivery slip (also signed).
  • Confirm, by a dated and signed registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt required, any reservations concerning the delivery within four days including the delivery date.
  • Send a copy of the above letter via email to contact@serie-noire.fr or by post to SARL SERIE NOIRE, 14 rue Lepelletier 59000 Lille, FRANCE. Please include your order and delivery references. Your claim cannot be processed if there is no note of any damage or missing items on the delivery slip and if www.serie-noire.fr was not informed within the time period specified.

No claims of any nature will be considered if the shipment has been accepted without any mention of damage or missing items at the time of delivery and if our company was not informed following the procedure specified above.

In the event of a claim, an investigation on the shipment will be conducted, and any reimbursements will be dependent on the conclusions of this investigation.

Non-Receipt of Goods

Please inform us if you have not yet received your shipment up to a maximum of 30 days after your order has been charged. We are unable to accept any claims after this period.

Delivery Methods, Times and Rates

Delivery times will take 24 hours within Paris, 48 hours for the rest of France, between 2 and 3 days within Europe, and between 3 and 6 days for destinations outside Europe.

These times (in working days) are provided as guidelines only by our carrier, DHL. The customer cannot request a cancellation of order, claim any damage or interest or request compensation of any kind and www.serie-noire.fr cannot be held responsible for any delays for any reason whatsoever attributable to the carrier.

Shipping costs are borne by the addressee and are automatically calculated according to the destination country as stated on the order slip and the weight of the goods.

Orders processed on the www.serie-noire.fr website and dispatched outside France may be subject to applicable taxes or customs duties, and these charges shall be borne by the buyer.

Customers should be aware of the applicable taxes and customs duties in their country of residence.

Packages Delivered Against Signature

If the addressee is not present during delivery, the package can be delivered to another person nominated by the addressee, or a delivery notification slip will be left in the mailbox for the addressee to collect the package at a later time. In this instance, the customer has a total of 15 days to collect the package at the post office indicated on the notification slip, by bringing the delivery notification slip and an identification document as proof.

If the package is not collected within this period, it will be returned to the sender. Any subsequent deliveries will incur further charges. In this instance, www.serie-noire.fr cannot reimburse any part of the order.

Article 8 – Right to Withdraw and Return of Goods

All customers are considered consumers within the definition of the Code de la Consommation (French Consumer Law). Items ordered on the Série Noire website are intended for personal use only, and are subject to a Right to Withdraw of 14 days following the receipt of goods, or the last item of a shipment delivered in several parts, where the delivery is staggered over a defined period, where the goods may be returned to Série Noire for the purposes of exchange or refund, with no reason required and no extra costs incurred except delivery charges.

The customer may inform  Série Noire of this decision, within the timeframe allowed, by sending the Withdrawal Form (see Appendix), or in writing to the following address:


14 rue Lepelletier

59000 Lille



Provided that the goods are returned in perfect condition, Série Noire will guarantee a reimbursement to the same credit card used for the order.

It is the customer's responsibility to retain all proof of postage for any returns. For this purpose, we recommend that you return goods by registered post, with acknowledgment of receipt required, or by any other method which will register the date of dispatch.

The reimbursement will be made to your credit card or by a bank cheque in your name.

A new order must be made for any size or color exchanges.

Defective Goods

All goods sold are guaranteed according to Article 1641 of the Code Civil (French Civil Law)

Additionally, goods sold are subject to a product conformity guarantee under Articles L.211-4 and further under the Code de la Consommation.

In the case of non-conformity of goods sold, the customer will have the choice of repair or replacement of the product.

In any case, even if the customer's choice results in a disproportionate cost to the seller, the customer may still proceed according to his/her choice.

If repair or replacement is impossible, the customer may return the goods and be reimbursed for the same.

Reimbursements may also be made if the solution requested by the customer cannot be acceded to within a month after the customer's claim is made.

In all cases, the application of the guarantee against the non-conformity of goods sold shall not incur any further cost to the customer.

In the case of non-conformity of goods sold, such goods must be returned to the seller who must receive these goods and exchange them, or reimburse the customer for the same.

The replacement of a non-conforming product does not entail the prolongation of the guarantee.

All claims, requests for exchange or reimbursements must be sent by mail to the following address:


14 rue Lepelletier

59000 Lille



Article 9 – Obligations of  Série Noire

The website is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week, unless affected by:

  • Force majeure
  • Internet issues (connection problems, server problems, viruses)
  • Power outages, loss of data, maintenance issues
  • Any notification to the contrary on the Home page

Série Noire may exempt itself from all or part of its liability by proof that the failure or improper performance of a contract is attributable, either to the customer or to any unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances caused by a third party, or to a force majeure.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that goods ordered conform to their requirements.

Article 10 – Guarantee

Under no circumstances shall www.serie-noire.fr be held responsible for the non-conformity to any laws and regulations in force in the destination country. The responsibility of www.serie-noire.fr is systematically limited to the value of the goods in question, determined by the date of purchase, without any possibility of recourse towards the brand or the manufacturer of the goods.

In all events, the customer is protected by the guarantees of legal ownership and of hidden defects provided for under Articles 1625 and subsequent of the Code Civil.

You may contact our customer service by email at the following address: contact@serie-noire.fr.

Article 11 – Personal information

Any personal information collected is necessary for the purposes of processing and shipping of orders, for invoicing and for contracts of warranty. Such processing is subject to a declaration to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) under no. (to be completed).

The customer has the right, in accordance with the provisions under Article 27 of the French Data Protection and Freedom Act of 6 January 1978, to access, modify, correct or suppress any personal information pertaining to him or herself.

This right may be exercised by contacting Série Noire at the following address :


14 rue Lepelletier

59000 Lille



www.serie-noire will never communicate, for free or exchage customer information to any third parties other than its subcontractors and will ensure that the information is retained under the care of the European Union.

Article 12 – Intellectual Property

All the elements on the website, including elements by Série Noire, in particular graphical representations, sound, text, as well as any underlying technology and the portrayal of products are protected by copyright.  'Série Noire' is also a copyrighted trademark.

The customer is therefore prohibited by law from duplicating, portraying or distributing, whether in whole or in part, of all the elements contained within this website or its name.


Please complete and send this form only if you wish to exercise your right to return any goods purchased.

To the attention of:__________________________________________________________

I/we (*) wish to notify you that I/we (*) wish to rescind the contract of sale of goods as detailed below:

Ordered on: (date) _________________Received on: (date)__________________________

Customer's Name:___________________________________________________________

Customer's Address:_________________________________________________________

Signature of customer (if returned on printed copy)_________________________________


(*) Delete accordingly.


14 rue Lepelletier

59000 LILLE





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