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The SPRING-SUMMER 2018 collection is arriving online! Discover our new 'Luxe and Designer' womenswear selection our our website.

The women’s department was added in 1993, in collaboration with Emmanuelle AXER, womenswear artistic director.

Since, Serie Noire offers a specialized selection of fashion from designers, perfumes, jewelry and objects to transport clients into the experience of becoming artists in their own dressing rooms.  

554 Item(s)

  1. Sleeveless Linen Printed Top
  2. Red Tweed Jacket

    Red Tweed Jacket


  3. Wide Pants In Green Silk

    Wide Pants In Green Silk


  4. Printed Camouflage Dress

    Printed Camouflage Dress


  5. Longue Printed Dress

    Longue Printed Dress


  6. Leopard Printed Silk Tank Top
  7. Short Fringed Tweed Jacket
  8. High Waisted Black Wool Pants
  9. Tuxedo Jacket With Silver Floral Jacquard Pattern
  10. Balmain Paris Tee Shirt