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Trousers and shorts

Whether you're a rocker or a working girl, you'll find different styles of pants on our site: leggings, cropped pants, suit pants, jogging pants, ... Discover our wide selection of pants in different materials and cuts according to your desire and body type, velvet pants by Barbara Bui, leather pants by J Brand, ... Not to mention the indispensable Acne Studios denim jeans for all occasions!

68 Item(s)

  1. Black high waist trouser

    Black high waist trouser


  2. Striped Silk Pants

    Striped Silk Pants


  3. Skinny Blue Velvet Pants
  4. Coated Jeans With Laces On The Side
  5. Jeans With Contrasting Band
  6. Skinny Coated Jeans

    Skinny Coated Jeans

    J Brand

  7. Skinny "Climb Mid" Jeans

    Skinny "Climb Mid" Jeans

    Acne Studios

  8. Khaki Velvet Pants

    Khaki Velvet Pants

    Barbara Bui

  9. High Waisted Sailor Pants

    High Waisted Sailor Pants

    Barbara Bui

  10. Black Printed Pants

    Black Printed Pants

    Ann Demeulemeester