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Série Noire presents jewelry from the most talented designers. We have a full range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings for you to perfectly accessorize your look. The trend is to mix and match different shapes and materials that bring style to your look. The jewelry from young designer Charlotte Chesnais is available at Série Noire, as well as from other passionate designers.

47 Item(s)

  1. Bond Bracelet In Vermeil

    Bond Bracelet In Vermeil

    Charlotte Chesnais

  2. Saturne Earrings - Small

    Saturne Earrings - Small

    Charlotte Chesnais

  3. "Yorks" Necklace

    "Yorks" Necklace


  4. "Bristol" Necklace

    "Bristol" Necklace


  5. Heart ring in vermeil

    Heart ring in vermeil

    Charlotte Chesnais

  6. Naho earrings in gold vermeil

    Naho earrings in gold vermeil

    Charlotte Chesnais

  7. Hurly Burly Ring

    Hurly Burly Ring

    Charlotte Chesnais

  8. "Three Lovers" Vermeil Rings

    "Three Lovers" Vermeil Rings

    Charlotte Chesnais

  9. "Darcey" Double Ring

    "Darcey" Double Ring


  10. Black Twisted  'Fabi' Chocker - Black