Werkstatt:München jewelry line and accessories


Werkstatt: Munchen is the jewelry and accessories brand of the German designer Klaus Lohmeyer, founded in 1988. He has become a "master craftsman" of the highest distinction in goldsmithing, and he designs and produces his collections exclusively in his studio in Munich. His creations counter the intrinsically feminine perception of embellishment alone.

To create based on the principle that throughout history and all our cultures, men have worn jewelry as symbols of power, wealth, social status or as a lucky charm. His jewelry combines symbolism and timeless elegance. He works with raw materials such as silver (striated or faceted) and vegetable leather (tanned with active vegetable ingredients).

Discover the collection of heavy chains, padlocks, leather items, bracelets and belts from the designer on the Série Noire website.

Werkstatt:Munchen, or German excellence.

Set of 4 hammered silver rings WERKSTATT:MUNCHEN.
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Set of 4 hammered rings

Set of 4 hammered silver rings WERKSTATT:MUNCHEN.
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