Parfumerie Particuliere for women

Parfumerie Particulière

PARFUMERIE PARTICULIERE is a unisex brand of 8 perfumes by Guillaume and Charles, produced in Grasse, France and created in collaboration with Amelie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel, to whom they gave carte blanche on the selection of raw materials. The brand respects the traditional fundamentals of perfume creation, yet at the same time it retranscribes the codes of luxury without associations of sanctity or superiority. The brand offers a sophisticated and contemporary collection of perfumes in frosted glass flacons with concrete stoppers handmade by Maison Francesco Passaniti, for a resolutely urban style. The mouth-blown glass bottles are made by craftsmen at Maison WalterSperger in Haute Normandie, and presented in boxes with illustrations by artist and tattoo artist Pietro Sedda.

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