Marc-Antoine Barrois for women

Marc-Antoine Barrois

"I can remain somewhere simply because I have a scent-memory of it. I can follow someone whose perfume provokes an emotion in me". After 10 years as a couturier, MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS, a native of the north of France, is launching his first perfume line in collaboration with the perfumer Quentin Bish. The first one, B683, a reference to his birthdate as well as to the Little Prince, is a fusion of spices, leathers and woods. According to Fragrantica, Ganymède is a more mixed script, infused with a dash of sparkle. "If B683 originates from a memory," says Marc-Antoine, "Ganymède originates from a fantasy. A new elegance, timeless and flowing. Of a 21st-century La Dolce Vita, a walk along the shores of the Lago Maggiore."

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