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OFF-WHITE has been established in 2013 by Virgil Abloh, American artist born in 1980, and influenced by the streetwear and the Hip-Hop culture from the American suburbs: "I have launched this brand with the hope to marry the modernity of young people - their extreme creativity expressed on the social networks and the web, their knowledges- with a creation process and a traditional manufacture".

29 Item(s)

  1. "Diag Spray" Cotton Jacket
  2. "Intarsia" Jacquard Sweater
  3. Tiger Embroidered Sweatshirt
  4. Zipped Hoodie

    Zipped Hoodie

    Off White

  5. "Till Death" Hoodie

    "Till Death" Hoodie

    Off White

  6. Scorpio Printed Tee Shirt

    Scorpio Printed Tee Shirt

    Off White

  7. Embroidered "Diag Ferns" Sweatshirt
  8.  "Mirror Skull" Printed Sweatshirt
  9. Plaid Shirt With Logo

    Plaid Shirt With Logo

    Off White

  10. Long Sleeves "Quotes" Tee Shirt - White