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The Japanese label JUNYA WATANABE has always distinguished itself by its creative genius. For more than 30 years now, the brand has been offering fashion in the 'techno-couture' style: offbeat cut, innovative technical fabrics... Junya Watanabe is the perfect blend of utility and modernity.

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Salvatore Santoro

The history of Salvatore Santoro began in 1987, when its founder began researching leather processing and customising production machines, in order to develop bold, complex processes that could make each piece unique. But it was not till 2007 that his eponymous brand could be launched. The result is a collection of men's and women's leather jackets and coats with a second skin effect. Each piece undergoes multiple washes, treatments and dyes. The designer's strength now lies in his ability to offer new leather textures every season, while remaining a 100% Italian handmade brand.

Salvatore Santoro

Salvatore Santoro

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