How to make a protective mask out of fabric without needing to sew?

In order to leave the approved masks for sick people and nursing staff, we explain how to make your own protective mask in fabric at home.

This method is very easy and requires NO SEWING.

Did you take advantage of this free time to sort your clothes? Well, recycle them to make pretty masks! You don't know how to sew? No problem !

Everything you need is in your closets.

Here is our "easy tutorial coronavirus mask" in video + all the steps detailed here in the blog article + the pattern to print to create your own protection mask.

Let's go!

Step 1

Disinfect your work surface, wash your hands and clean your pair of scissors

Step 2

For the pattern of the mask you need 2 A4 sheets. Print the A4 sheet below twice, cut around the dotted lines and then put them together with tape. You then get your homemade pattern! (we consider it a standard size or a Medium size):

Step 3

For the outside of the mask, choose a stretch fabric or cut a clean jersey garment that you no longer wear (like the black t-shirt in our video). Once the fabric #1 is chosen, cut out a rectangle of 29CM x 32CM

Step 4

Fold fabric #1 in half lengthwise and place the pattern on it. If you have some, use pins to attach the pattern to the fabric. Then cut off the excess fabric (contours + locations for the ears). Then remove the pins.

Step 5

For the inside of the mask, you need a square of cotton (fabric #2): a handkerchief, a sheet of paper towel, a piece of cotton fabric or (clean) clothing that you no longer wear (like the white t-shirt from our video). Cut a square out of fabric #2 of 20CM x 20CM and place it inside the mask, flat and well in the center.

Step 6

If you have them, spread a metal paper clip and place it in the center of the mask, it will better hold on your nose. Then fold the mask in half.

And TADAM! it's over ... These masks are of course neither certified nor approved but they will allow you to protect yourself and others while on the go.

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Take care of yourself,