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The Japanese label JUNYA WATANABE has always distinguished itself by its creative genius. For more than 30 years now, the brand has been offering fashion in the 'techno-couture' style: offbeat cut, innovative technical fabrics... Junya Watanabe is the perfect blend of utility and modernity.

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The Japanese label JUNYA WATANABE is more and more noticed on the fashion scene. Created by the eponymous designer, the brand was launched by the Comme Des Garçons group in 1992. Silhouettes inspired by utilitarian and work pieces, it symbolizes the ‘techno-couture’ style by playing with technical and modern materials while offering very structured cuts.

JUNYA WATANABE embodies a style completely in tune with the times, seducing a wide audience. What makes the strength of the label, in addition to its very particular DNA, are the collaborations with other brands. The latter are also in line with the techno-couture and streetwear style. These similarities make each collaboration a success. For the Spring-Summer 2024 season, the Japanese designer joins forces with 18 different labels! Particularly noteworthy are the pieces designed with Carhartt, the streetwear icon Stüssy or CP.Company and MXVDS. By combining the avant-garde dimenion of these brands, an aspect of modernity is brought once again to the label for this new season. Collaborating is a way for JUNYA WATANABE to constantly innovate.


From the union between JUNYA WATANABE and the streetwear label Stüssy, a contemporary sweatshirt was born. Indeed, we revisit the classic hoodie by giving it a boost of novelty. This sweatshirt does not have sleeves but a kangaroo pocket. Many details are added: metal eyelets on the shoulders, logo proudly printed on the front and back. Made in Japan like most of the clothes of the Asian label, this comfy hoodie becomes the centerpiece of a look or an entire wardrobe.


This is not the first time JUNYA WATANABE has combined with Carhartt’s utilitarian style. This time, the collaboration of the two brands returns with a bi-material jacket and two technical pants called “carpenter pants”. These are available in two colors: the timeless black and a camel beige that will blend perfectly with the shades of spring. For the jacket, The faux leather and canvas combined with the two side pockets bring modernity to the jacket. It also stands out with the distinctive Carhartt patch on the chest.


Known for its functional style, CP.Company offers us an exclusive piece. It is a mid-length indigo jacket that embodies the detail-oriented mindset and aesthetics of the two iconic brands. The CP.Company logo is embroidered on the back in a contrasting colour. The same contrast applies to the seams and zipper. There is also the iconic hood with integrated glasses and visors. This is illustrated by the material used to make the jacket. Technical fabric, it combines a layer of denim and a membrane specially made to protect from the rain. This utilitarian jacket gives the look a more thoughtful look without giving that “overdressed” effect.


Surely the most offbeat piece of all these collaborations, this utilitarian style jacket brings a rather military and dark dimension to the collection. The MXVDS label is known for its rather particular DNA where the main color is black. Equipped with many pockets, many straps are added in detail to close the room. The logo of the Belgian brand is also embroidered in white on the right pocket. It is an atypical item whose eccentricity and utilitarian style can not be denied that it adds to an outfit.


Junya Watanabe also partners with the pioneer of LEVI’S jeans to offer us a carpenter style pants. A beige patchwork design combines with indigo denim canvas. We also find different elements reminiscent of the DNA of LEVI’S like the signature label at the waist of the pants, the back pocket or the metal rivets. A tightening strap recalls the origins of the brand: create clothes resistant to everything. With the streetwear style of JUNYA WATANABE, this creates a timeless piece bringing modernity to the simplest outfits.

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