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Trends, culture and fashion shows: The Série Noire blog brings you fashion from a fresh new perspective.


Victoria Beckham has been a full-time designer for over 15 years now. The London label reflects the designer’s style: minimalism and elegance. Victoria Beckham dresses modern women in search of timeless pieces whose cuts are not to be questioned.

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Long set aside, red is back on the fashion scene. It has been widely considered the color of power but takes, today, a whole new angle of view.


Strong and radiant, red is synonymous with passion, love and danger. It is a stimulating colour full of emotions. Over the past few weeks, we have seen it gradually take root in our daily lives. Fashion shows are no exception since red is at Acne Studios, 1989 Studio or Alexander McQueen. Despite its lesser presence in recent years, it remains an iconic color in the fashion world. Some designers have even appropriated this shade like the Rouge Valentino or the inseparable red sole Christian Louboutin. And how not to recognize the iconic heart-shaped logo of Comme Des Garçons?

However, the color of love gradually resurfaces. Through the neutral shades of this winter 2023/2024, red awakens our everyday looks: from burgundy to bright red to vermilion. Each red has its own peculiarity and refers to a different effect. It also adapts to various materials. We find it on silk shirts, cotton or nylon on more streetwear pieces. It’s all about playing with textures. Even if red directly adds character to the outfit, it is also important to mix the cuts of the clothes. Asymmetric, wide, curved, straight, all shapes turn red.



Red being a strong color, we would tend to avoid bright shades. On the contrary, it is interesting to play with a wider color palette. In particular, the complementary shades harmonize harmoniously with red. So we find pink or orange for example. Strong looks in identity emerge from this mix. On several occasions, the use of the gradient was noticed as during Parisian fashion week, or in Copenhagen where the vivacity of the colors is in the spotlight. For

those who prefer more neutral tones, brown softens the intensity of red. We find it on accessories and large pieces such as leather trench coats or aviators style jackets. Finally, red is also a matter of details. Instead of wearing it over an entire piece of a look, the red details add originality. This can be stitching, logo, socks, graphic design on a printed t-shirt…


Red is a color that is often found at Série Noire. Ganni, Margiela, Lemaire, Ami Paris, Comme des Garçons Shirt, all these brands integrate this timeless color into their collections. From t-shirt to accessory, come (re)discover the colour red in store and on www.serie-noire.com

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