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Victoria Beckham has been a full-time designer for over 15 years now. The London label reflects the designer’s style: minimalism and elegance. Victoria Beckham dresses modern women in search of timeless pieces whose cuts are not to be questioned.

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Discover our collection of jackets, knitwear and scarfs from the Italian brand Avant Toispecialized in knitting since 1994. The brand is known for its research into precious fabrics such as cashmere and silk, and its innovative treatments of pieces with vintage accents, by its washed tones, it color gradations and other stained effects.

Avant Toi captures the beauty of cashmere and makes each item a unique and authentic piece.

The brand respects the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition and chooses to make each piece 100% by hand. In his efforts to preserve authentic, creative and modern production methods, founder Mirko Ghignone established his brand under the family company Liapull in Geneva, which has been the leader of the Italian cashmere industry since 1947.

And in this way revolutionized the world of cashmere.

Avant Toi

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