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Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules is the concept of the German "nose" Geza Schoen. The Berliner overturned the rules of classic perfumery by enhancing synthetic raw materials and reducing top, middle and base notes to a single note. In this way he isolated an extraordinary olfactory molecule, called "Iso E super" and made it the only component of the first perfume of the brand that he launched in 2005 with Jeff Lounds: the Molecule 01 fragrance.This quasi-addictive molecule is found in pheromones.

Geza Schoen radically influenced perfumery by his conceptual and minimalist approach which has been called the "perfumery of the future".

And his incredible fragrances have conquered the stars.

Elton John, Kate Moss, Madonna and Marilyn Manson have made it their favorite fragrance.

ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Intelligence And Fantasy - 100ml

Escentric Molecules


ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Eau De Parfum  - Intelligence And Fantasy - 100ml  The goal was a scent that would appeal to head and heart, by connecting the mobility of the mind with the depth of memory. “An ode to summer and its memories,” is Schoen’s description. “A refreshing sparkle followed by tropic flowers, luscious woods and musk.”
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