ISAAC SELLAM Experience womenswear collection

Isaac Sellam Experience

Discover the "second skins" of the French designer Isaac Sellam for whom leather is "the strongest sensory receptor of luxury". The Isaac Sellam Experience brand, specializing in pieces with leather sleeves, was born in 2002 in his Parisian apartment completely transformed into a real research laboratory: research in the processing of leather and other technological innovations. 

For the designer, each garment is unique, rare and timeless: "I do not want them to be objects for a day that will soon be replaced by others. My clients are not fashion victims ". Each Isaac Sellam piece finds its individuality in the obviousness of its stitching and large metal staples, as if inspired by surgical style. The leather is both soft and durable, the sleeves are often very long and narrow, and the lining is a luxurious mesh.


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