PREMIATA WHITE Luxury sneakers for Men

Premiata White

All the models of Premiata White sneakers are available on the Série Noire website. Find the style, the color, print and shape that suits you the best among our selection of sneakers. Premiata White is without doubt the ideal brand for luxury sneakers if you are looking for a rare, original and excellent quality model.

Both designer and manufacturer, Premiata is a label and a production factory for Italian shoes, founded in 1991.

Its history began in 1885 when its founder Nazzarero Mazza began to specialize in the production of leather shoes.

Série Noire has been distributing their shoe line for eighteen years and sneaker line for seven years.

Premiata White is an official brand of luxury sneakers, perfect if you are looking for a rare and premium quality product.

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Premiata White

Premiata White

Woven "Lucy" Sneakers

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