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The Japanese label JUNYA WATANABE has always distinguished itself by its creative genius. For more than 30 years now, the brand has been offering fashion in the 'techno-couture' style: offbeat cut, innovative technical fabrics... Junya Watanabe is the perfect blend of utility and modernity.

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2023 rhymes with commitment and metamorphosis at Ganni’s studio : eco-responsible initiatives, new brand symbols, redesigned fashion shows. The brand is investing more and more in modern issues. It encourages to reflect and to observe the world from a new perspective.

The Danish label has always presented its designs in Copenhagen. This is not an insignificant choice since this is where the brand was created. Moreover, the city is considered the capital of ecological fashion and evolution, thus corresponding to the image of Ganni. With this eco-responsibility optics, the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection marks the first steps in the search for more ethical materials. Leather is gradually removed and denim becomes more present. Although the latter requires a lot of ressources to be produced, Ganni uses recycled fibers. This makes it possible to no longer rely on the harvest of raw materials.

Source: Vogue Runway

Source: Vogue Runway

Source: Vogue Runway


Since the beginning of the year, the label has continued to invest in their 'Fabrics of the Future' initiative. This programme aims to develop innovative materials with a lower impact on the planet. All possible means are used to achieve this goal, including Artificial Intelligence. Three new materials were created thanks to Fabrics of the Future:

- Oleatex, un substitut du cuir produit à partir de déchets provenant de la production d'huile d'olive.

Algreen, des paillettes sans plastique et recyclables fabriquées à partir d'algues et de déchets agricoles.

Circulose® by Renewcell, un matériau naturel fabriqué à partir de déchets de l’industrie textile.

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This summer, Ganni presented its Spring-Summer 2024 'Hello World' collection. The name of the event seems to be a call to the world to witness its evolution. For this season, the brand has used AI to create a more impactful effect. With the collaboration of the Danish artist, specialized in artificial intelligence, Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, an immersive and interactive setting inspired by nature was created during the show. This visually shows that the brand includes environmental issues at all levels. As a nod to its community, the decor reflects the state of mind of the Ganni Girl Community. The Ganni girl is confident in herself and her convictions, which is the essence of the Danish label. By using AI to serve an important cause, It makes it possible to become familiar with this technology and to raise awareness among a wider audience. Artificial intelligence holds a less frightening look.


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This collaboration with an artist is not an isolated initiative. Indeed, Ganni also draws its strength from partnerships with different brands or personalities. Collaborations increase the visibility of the brands & people involved, especially since they allow to highlight a specific message. At Ganni, the theme of the latter revolves around eco-responsibility and diversity. For example, the brand has collaborated with New Balance (a long-time partner) and Paloma Elsesser, an American model advocating inclusivity and body diversity on the catwalks.


This diversity is also reflected in Ganni designs. It is an eclectic and sparkling style. The brand represents the perfect symbiosis between sobriety and bright colors. After a way of dressing, the Danish label mostly shares a way of living and thinking. To wear a Ganni piece is to wear values related to our time (eco-responsible…). Thus the brand only designs clothes that fit into a sustainable fashion directive. From jeans to tank tops to shoes, find all the responsible pieces at Série Noire for autumn-winter 2023.

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